There are so many resources available to aid you in your No Waste Journey. Some of these are specific to the kitchen, some to the home, and others for a no waste life in general.

Most of these I am listing are either ones I have personally checked out myself and have found helpful on this lifelong expedition.

If you have any others you believe should be in this list, maybe a website you have found helpful or a book that has inspired you, please leave me a comment below and I can get it added!


I am a reader and lover of books. Even though I have a few listed here, I have many on hold with the library to check out once they are available.


Many of these are available on streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video. Some of these are also great to help show children the impact that our trash and waste has on our planet.


I know I am a bit late to the game, but I have recently discovered podcasts and love them! I don’t get to listen as often as I would like because I usually have my kids in the car and wouldn’t be able to concentrate, but they are a great way of listening to the information while getting other things done.


You are obviously online right now, looking for information. So it’s safe to assume that consuming information online is a feasible format for learning. These are some of the websites I recommend for further reading and information.